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I didn’t even expect that my video will make such a dust.

I didn’t even expect that my video will make such a dust.

This story started half a year ago. I’m not going to tell you the exact date as well as the mobile’s brand because of the boom around the copyright.
So once in the evening I was sitting in front of the computer and surfing the website vk.com as usual. I heard the raven’s notes outside but I didn’t pay any attention to it because there is a raven’s nest not so far from my house. As a result of it their notes became something ordinary for me.
Suddenly my brother rushed in my room and started to twitch me and scream out something. Then I realized that he asked me to look out of the window. So I rose from my favorite seat and nestled against the window. There was a very funny scene outside. Two cats (the black and the white) couldn’t share the road and at the same time ravens were circling over the cats. From time to time ravens landed and pecked the white cat’ tail. I was amazed by the boldness of these ravens. In some time these ravens just brazenly started to bypass the white cat and peck its tail without any fright. When I was watching this process I heard that my father asked me to film the scene. So I immediately took my phone and started to shoot. There is no sense to tell you what was happening there because it will be better for you just to watch my little movie. Watch
It was an amazing scene. From the very beginning it seemed to me that ravens were on the side of the black cat because they didn’t peck him at all. It seemed that they were trying to help the black cat, they wanted to call off the white one in order the black could find a good moment for an attack.  But soon they all disappeared around the balcony of my house. And unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to film any more. By the way I remember almost the same case when “these ravens” were pecking the dog.
My father, brother and I were under the impression. And we decided to show the movie to our friends. I tried to load the movie to Youtube and Vkontakte but there were some problems with the download process. But anyway I wanted everybody to watch my movie. So I asked my friend Anton “MegaPupseg” (it’s his nickname in Youtube) to download the video. And he did it on 16.05.2010, he gave the name “Cats” to my work. But it gained only about 80 reviews.
However recently, on 22.11.10, “ignoramusky” left a short comment to the “Cats”. He wrote that it was a fantastic work. In a few days he left a reference to a new video. As it turned out it was my video but “ignoramusky”, his real name is Alexander (I found out his name from our talk), added a sound-track. And he made a real masterpiece. I wanted to watch it again and again. What’s important is that Alexander mentioned that it was not his own video and he gave the reference to the original movie which "MegaPupseg" had downloaded before. And I also asked him to mention me as the producer. During the first day our “collective work” (I call it a collective one because I was the producer but Alexander was the audio producer) gained about 50 thousands reviews on Vkontakte and YaPlakal. On the second day there were more then 100 thousands reviews.
We didn’t expect that a video about cats can be so popular. And once when we were looking through the comments to our video we found a very interesting comment. It said that somebody SilverStar830 had stolen our movie and gained about 300 thousands reviews. It’s important that this man didn’t even mention where he had taken this material. And we of course asked him to make a reference that in fact it was not his own work. But instead of answering he added us to the “black list”. But it was not the end of our battle. We asked all the people from different sites, who knew that it was Alexander and I who created this masterpiece, to write in comments to SilverStar830’ video that he was a plagiary. There were a lot of messages left on his wall. But what a surprise! In a day we could not find any of these messages. Moreover this plagiary added all these people to the “black list”. But we were not going to lose hearts. We decided to write a petition about copyright abuse. But what I found next was unbelievable. The video which my friend had downloaded was deleted because of copyright abuse. We were shocked. But anyway we left our petition. Unfortunately there are still no results…
Today my friends reminded me about the Russian program “One’s self producer”. I’m sure that you will not believe me. But anyway I was said that this video had already been sent there many times. But it is not the end of the story. Alexander and I found one more remarkable thing. You can find it here:   (SilverStar830) Thank you for your honesty.

In conclusion I can only say that it was my fault that I didn’t register the copyright in time. But now I’m trying to correct my mistake.

P.S: what I liked most of all is that when my friends and I were sitting in the café we heard as a big company of young people were watching our video and laughing very loud. It is so pleasant to realize that you bring happiness to other people. But of course it’s not only my achievement. This video won’t become so popular without Alexander. His music is really cool and without it the video is not completed.  

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  1. Regarding the music that was composed for this video, was it done using GarageBand or something like that? Sure, the opening sounds like an electronic keyboard but later on it sounds like real instruments. Or am I wrong?